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Wednesday June 4, 2008
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In recent years with the rapid and steady development of Chinese Economy, the demand for energy is becoming more and more emergency, the same situation to gas industry. Not only the national huge companies, such as CNPC, SinoPec, etc., but also those small chemical companies downstream are in great need of timely gas information service. This is why we want to set up this website www.

I know that there are many registered members in your association, in which there must be some enterprises interested in Chinese potential gas (incl. LPG&LNG) market as well as many Chinese gas enterprises exploring to the international market. If you could collect any such related information and exchange between us, I think it will be benefit for both of our members. If you like to make logo link with your association or recommend other professional association, Please don't be hesitated to contact us at:

Mr. LIHu
Add: Floor4, Yuanli Building, No.23 Huixin Street, Chaoyang District, P.R.China 100029
Tel: 86 10 64980441
Fax:86 10 64968177
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