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Wednesday June 4, 2008
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5th Annual China LNG Technology& Development Summit Will Open at September 6th-7th ,2012

DateTime:  2012-9-6 TO 2012-9-7

Address:  Shanghai

In recent years, Chinese LNG project got swift and rapid development. China LNG production and has formed a considerable scale, the coastal area of natural gas pipeline network is preliminary already form. The coastal area economy developed area resource shorts generally, natural gas demand desire, which has greatly promoted China's natural gas market breed. small LNG liquefaction plant and LNG filling station technology is conducive to the mean field and remote gas field development. 
It is expected that in 2015 China's LNG imports will exceed 20 million tons, 2020 will grow exponentially. The development of the LNG, reduce dependence on oil, It’s an important measure by the Chinese government, is expected in the near future, natural gas will become our country the third largest energy after coal and oil. By 2020, China will build about 12,000 cars with natural gas filling station.
Major Issues to be addressed at the 2012 event:
? National Policy and Industry Trend Analysis
? LNG Terminal Construction Equipment and Production Technology
? LNG Terminal Safety Operation and Maintenance
? LNG Transport Potential Safety Hazard In the Process
? LNG Filling Station Construction Develops the Current Situation
? LNG Filling Station Design
? LNG Pipeline and Tank Insulation System
At Noppen’s 5th Annual China LNG you will:
? Meet pre-qualified industry leaders
? Discover the current investment climate and opportunities
? Increase your brand recognition within the marketplace
? Create new partnerships and alliances
? Develop relationships through new networking opportunities
?Good, Good atmosphere for academic discussion, the conference is authoritative and provide useful information.
-CPE Dalian
?Lots of information, well-prepared, very good
- Flow Solutions Group
?Rich content, good time controlling and the speeches are excellent.
- CPPE Shanghai Branch
?Very good presentations and excellent delegates
- Ebara International Corporation
?Well prepared, topics covered a wide range of the industry, well organized and good effect.
- China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corporation
?Well organized and supporting work.
- PetroChina Kunlun Natural Gas Co Ltd

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Contact: Sharon Chen
Tel: +86 21 6085 1000 ext. 313


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