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Wednesday June 4, 2008
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World Chemicals Natural Gas and Liquid Fuels 2012 Conference

DateTime:  2012-4-17 TO 2012-4-20

Address:  Beijing

It is a widely recognized fact that a number of uncertainties remain on the evolution of balance between supply and demand in oil and natural gas. This is just one aspect. The other is the relationship between producing and consuming countries.

In this context, coal & biomass conversion will keep developing as key components of energy policies of coal - rich countries.

In September of 2011, the U.S Energy Information Administration, in its Outlook 2011 report, predicted that CTL production would rise 10 times higher than at present by 2035.

As the pace setter, China will host the World CTL 2012 Conference, the reference event on Coal and Biomass conversion to Chemicals, Substitute Natural Gas and Liquid Fuels.

Serge Perineau, President World CTL 2012


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