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Wednesday June 4, 2008
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Up to now, we had recruited about several hundred thousands registered users among most cities in China. With the uninterrupted accumulation and updating of the database, and the successful experience in information sharing and value added services, we gained the users' approval.

Many experts predicate that China will enter into Natural Gas Age in coming years. We're also confident that natural gas industry will have rapid progress in this new century. Of course it's a very attractive potential market for many international gas equipment enterprises. Hope this information platform will be one of your choices.

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Mr. LIHu
Add: Floor4, Yuanli Building, No.23 Huixin Street, Chaoyang District, P.R.China 100029
Tel: 86 10 64980441
Fax:86 10 64968177
Our Service
Consultation Service
The website is devoted to the promotion and development in China Gas and the fields of project development, design, establishment, operation and management. We have a unique, steady and abundant information resource and the capacity to access developments in the profession. For many years, we have produced various professional research reports on investigations, studies, standardized system building, information systems creation, market analyses, relative financial issues and project start-ups with the co-operation with the related governmental overseeing and managing departments, professional associations, gas corporations, facility manufactures and the enterprises of research and development and implementation of new technology. The results to date are remarkable and this website has won wide recognition and respect.
Our Advantages
• Highly Efficient Information Platform
• Abundant Professional Resources
• Strong Public Relations Network
• State of the Industry Sales and Operations Networks
• Authoritative Expert Team
• Specialized Operating Management
• International World-Wide Customer Resources
• Excellent Corporate Image
Typical Cases

(i) Market Investigation
• ‘Heating and Energy Conservation' of Beijing Environment Programme Phrase II
of the World Bank (2008)
• General Survey on Beijing Municipal Gas Facilities of Beijing Municipal
Administration Commission (2007)
• Information Administrative System of Petrol(Gas) refueling station in Beijing of
Beijing Municipal Administration Commission (2006)
• Municipal Gas Standard System Research in Beijing of Beijing Science and
Technology Association (2005)

(ii) Professional Reports
• Development History of China Gas Industry(2008)
• Report on Mergers and Acquisitions of China Gas Enterprises(2008)
• Information Collection of China Gas(2004)

(iii) Propaganda and Impetus
• Unique Media Supporter of China International Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition organized by China Gas Association(2003)
• Documentary ‘China Gas' for the International Fuel Gas Technology Exchange Seminar of Asian West Pacific District(2006) Series of Staff Training Video Data for Beijing Gas Group Company Limited(2006)
• Videos producing for ‘International Gas Union Directors' Conference organized by Urban Gas Branch of China Civil Engineering Society (2005)
• If you are interested in these service, please contact us.

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